Two key issues motivate Plastek’s Environmental Policy: the desire to be a responsible, ethical manufacturer within the polymer industry and the fact that sound environmental management helps us to meet the partnership criteria of our customers. Indeed, a proactive approach to environmental issues can even bring efficiencies from which we and our customers can benefit.

Specific examples of our proactive approach to environmental issues include:

  • We work pro-actively with customers to promote the use of Green Plastics.
  • All waste is sorted and, where possible, recycled.
  • We use Packaging Waste Management to meet the UK Packaging Regulations.
  • We work to guidelines for the Climate Change Levy which compares energy consumption to production.
  • We set targets for reduced energy usage and purchase carbon to offset any short fall.
  • We have installed energy efficient ‘zoned’ lighting in all High Bay areas and have automated the control of lighting in all low-traffic areas.
  • We control the temperature of the fans on our cooling towers and water systems automatically using inverter driven pumps with Closed Loop Automated Control.
  • Our compressed air is produced with three compressors that are operated via a Closed Loop Energy Management Programmable Controller to avoid energy wastage.
  • We run TPM and PPM Maintenance programmes to ensure our plant is running efficiently at all times.
  • When purchasing new equipment, we review energy consumption as a key selection criteria.
  • We have completed studies with the Carbon Trust, implementing several recommendations and have become one of the earliest industrial adopters of the Carbon Disclosure Project.