Covid-19 Management

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Preparations

In the midst of the unprecedented and challenging circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic Plastek UK Ltd would like to assure colleagues and customers that all relevant procedures within our facility have been updated to follow World Health Organisation and UK government guidelines, and will remain under continuous review as the situation develops.

Amongst a wide range of measures, all commercial travel has been stopped, meetings have been shifted online, all employees and essential visitors are regularly screened, and non-essential visits have been banned. Within the workplace, even outside our already highly-regulated cleanrooms, new high-intensity cleaning regimes have been established and regular hand-washing has become mandatory throughout the workforce. Wherever possible, of course, administration staff will be working from home and our daily Coronavirus Management meetings will remain in place as long as is necessary to ensure the highest levels of compliance.

Policies relevant to our Coronavirus Management activities can be found alongside our other key policy documents, accessed below or via the ‘Our Polices’ page.

COVID-19 – Excused Absence Policy

COVID-19 – Vaccine Policy

COVID-19 – Travel Restrictions Policy

COVID-19 – Questionnaire

COVID-19 – Social Distancing Policy