Mould Tooling and Engineering

Having begun life as the Triangle Tool Company back in 1956, Plastek Group is proud to remain at the forefront of injection moulding tool design and modification.

In the UK the experienced engineers working in our 24/7 Tool Room have all the skills and facilities on hand to meet the needs of our national and international clients, ensuring the continuous achievement of customers’ KPIs and protecting their investment by maximising tool life.

Tool Transfers: Fast, Efficient and Free within UK

In the fast-paced industries of FMCG and Pharmaceutical a swift and seamless tool transfer can significantly benefit production timelines, product quality, and overall operational efficiency. Plastek UK is a trusted specialist in this area, with a proven track record of successful transfers of tools, equipment and assembly machines across these markets.

The Gold Standard for Tool Transfer

What sets Plastek UK apart is the comprehensive approach taken to tool transfers, ensuring that every step of the process is handled with meticulous care and professionalism. From tooling evaluation at the incumbent supplier’s facility, to the initial tool service, each step is conducted with an unwavering commitment to quality assurance.

Free-of-Charge Tool Transfers within the UK

Plastek UK offers a substantial benefit to their clients by carrying out tool transfers completely free-of-charge within the UK. This service includes a series of steps designed to ensure the safe and efficient transfer of your tools, including:

  • Tooling evaluation at incumbent supplier’s facility.
  • Transport to Plastek UK factory.
  • Full tool inspection upon arrival.
  • Initial tool service.
  • First tool sampling.
  • Qualification.

A Host of Additional Extras

Beyond the primary services included in the free-of-charge tool transfer, Plastek UK also offers a host of additional extras to enhance the quality and efficiency of the process. These include:

  • Full quality report including all critical dimensions.
  • Full evaluation report submitted after the initial inspection at incumbent.
  • Tools and Equipment fully insured during transit.
  • 3D scanning and reverse-engineering where applicable.

These additional services ensure that every tool transfer is conducted with a high level of accuracy and precision, reducing the risk of damage during transit and ensuring that the tools are ready for immediate use upon arrival.


The recipient of many customer and industry awards, Plastek UK is widely-recognised as a leader in our sector and a reliable long-term manufacturing partner with the willingness and capacity to invest in order to bring new projects to fruition.

Crucial to our ability to offer award-winning standards of manufacturing excellence is out industry-leading levels of staff retention. Choose to work with Plastek UK and your business will immediately benefit from the stability, quality and vast experience of our manufacturing team, whether you need smooth and efficient Tool Transfer, or effective Management of the development and launch of New Tool projects.

Those requiring expertise in Injection Blow Moulding will be similarly delighted. Our investment in evolving technologies provides larger press sizes offering higher cavitation and greater efficiency, in addition to better control of thermal expansion and improved integration with downstream equipment.

Products: Infant Nutrition lids/scoops including bi-injection, Aerosol caps/actuators (1-5 parts) including bi-injection,  Home Care caps, Laundry caps, Class 1 Medical Device packs = diverse expertise including complex multi-part Assembly

Key Features

  • Climate Controlled Environment for superior process control.
  • 48 Moulding Machines from 60-650 tons
  • Tools: Single, Stack, 2-shot, IBM
  • High Speed Assembly / Labelling
  • Valuable expertise in complex, multi-part assembly
  • Class 7 ISO Clean Room
  • ISO 13485 Medical Devices

Packaging Development and Carbon Reduction

Plastek Group, having partnered with the owners of the world’s leading FMCG brands for decades, is able to offer a very valuable resource of packaging development facilities and knowledge. Nothing beats hard-won experience! And when that is married to an enthusiastic embracing of whatever the latest technological developments can offer us, our customers know they are working with a winning team

In recent years huge efforts across our Group have established us as leading players in the development of more sustainable plastic packaging and we can put at your disposal our expertise in transferring products from virgin resin to PCR, light-weighting designs to reduce the amount or resin required, and foaming technology which offers both reduced resin usage and a lighter, more thermally-efficient pack.

Add to this our very significant investments in reducing the carbon footprint of our production processes, and you have the perfect partner for sustainable plastic packaging development and manufacture.