Plastek UK Customer Services Manager Danielle Harkness has successfully completed a year-long course to become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

Plastek UK would like to congratulate Danielle Harkness on the completion of her training with the Digital Marketing Institute.

“Online marketing has become an essential ingredient within any company’s marketing mix,” said Plastek Vice President (Europe) Mick Shaw, “and it’s great to know that we now have this level of knowledge and expertise in-house to help us grow our online presence.”

“The training was delivered via a series of Teams sessions,” said Danielle, “and was very intensive but also very interesting. It’s great to get a real insight into the tools and practices that online marketeers use to create effective online campaigns and we will now be able to do more to let potential customers know about the great things the Plastek Group has to offer.”

Already, changes are under way to the Plastek UK website, guided by Danielle’s new-found skills – so watch this space!