Good suppliers should expect to go the extra mile for an important client, but Plastek went a great many steps further!

As part of a huge project to explore ways of maximising shared business value with a long-term customer, Plastek USA and its client looked at ways of optimising the overall supply network. In a remarkable move, Plastek proposed that the best way to service the client’s requirements now and in the future would be to transfer a large part of its operation from Plastek’s home town of Erie, PA, 600 miles across county to be located close to the clients’ plant.

The transfer could have been a logistical nightmare, but great care was taken to ensure a smooth transition. An existing moulding plant was purchased and over a period of just a few weeks, machinery was transported and re-commissioned so that production could begin again in record time. The result?… reduced lead times, reduced transportation distances and costs, improved call-off times and a reduction in CO2 emissions of 2000 tons per year.

The client – a multi-national giant – commented that Plastek is, “an outstanding business partner with an mind set of continuous improvement…willing to engineer all aspects of their organisation to meet our needs”. The integrated approach to customer / supplier partnerships has delivered significant top and bottom growth for both companies.